MoMo x Coffeerary | Coffee tour in the City

Coming along the “Coffee tour in the City” journey, the appearance of MoMo occurs from 30th October to 27th November, 2022. MoMo’s event takes place on every Sunday at Sai Gon Central Post Office of Ho Chi Minh City.

Visitors can enjoy live acoustic performance from Open Share Band and experience coffee-related activities such as free drinks and craft coffee pouring. The “One Book One Coffee” project is a significant part of the coffee tour. Visitors are encouraged to donate used books or scan MoMo’s QR Code for fund to improve the lives of children in difficulty.

The “Coffee Tour in the City” marks the cooperation between MoMo and Bella Nota Agency. The coffee tour with MoMo achieved the total of 6536 visitors that is an outstanding result for a brand’s promoting campaign.

In MoMo’s cooperation, Bella Nota is in charge of the whole activities with assurance of the time and efficiency. It arranges Open Share Band for live acoustic performance, set up craft pouring areas that are on and behind the truck, prepare free drinks of cold brew and lemon iced coffee, run the One Book One Coffee represented by Miss Peace 2022, Tran Thi Ban Mai for used books and raise fund for donation.

The appearance of MoMo on the coffee tour contributes not only to MoMo’s enlargement of coverage networking but also the improvement of difficult children’s lives. The number of MoMo users have enhanced since the event of coffee tour, which is a significant progress in technology sector with various similar competitors.

Thanks to One Book One Coffee project, MoMo can positively confirm its image in customer awareness due to its achievements in social responsibility.

[COFFEE SHARING] The talk with the famous singer – Khanh Ly

The Coffee Sharing EP.03, produced by Bella Nota Agency, talks with a Vietnamese famous singer, Ms. Khanh Ly. She is currently living far from Vietnam where she used to intertwine and have beautiful moments with different places of the country. The talk is about her feelings about the country’s changes and her regrets for not witnessing these changes.

According to Ms. Khanh Ly: “It is impossible to state that Ha Noi is more beautiful than Sai Gon or Saigon is more beautiful than Da Lat because of the certain beauties and memories with every place”.

Sai Gon in her mind is the place of noise, heat and sudden rains. She loves the beauty of Da Lat in her recollection of 50 years before which stands for her memorable youth. Ha Noi is one of the places that she wishes to return to and keeps beautiful memories in mind.

The video attracts a great number of viewers, especially those who are fans of Ms. Khanh Ly for years. It shows the intense love of Ms. Khanh Ly to Vietnam because of memorable moments that are symbol of her youth. Through Ms.Khanh Ly’s sharing, the video recalls people’s mind about the images of Vietnam for decades that cannot go back.

Coffee tour in the City

“Coffee tour in the City” held by Coffeerary Magazine begins on 31st July, 2022 at Sai Gon Central Post Office. Visitors and the surrounding people are in the habit of looking forward to a Kombi for entertainment and coffee experiences every Sunday from to

People on the coffee tour can learn and experience craft pouring techniques with baristas. They can enjoy two signature drinks: Cold Brew and Lemon Iced Coffee under atmosphere of live acoustic performance. “One Book One Coffee” is an important project raising fund and old books for children and teenagers in underprivileged conditions.

The Coffee tour in the City is a typical event operated by Bella Nota Agency to generate a playground for coffee enthusiasts. Existing together with the coffee tour, brands have opportunities to widely introduce itself to hundreds of people, which enhances the approach efficiency to potential customers, enlarges its market and improves market share in general.

Visitors on the coffee tour can thoroughly understand the brands such as the firm model, products’ details, services’ benefits or get experiences for trial, which creates purchase intention and decision from customers.

The coffee tour has collaborated with celebrities such as Rhymastic or different brands such as Masterise, MoMo, Oatside and Topica. Typically, the coffee tour cooperated with MoMo attracted 6563 visitors in the total.

Through One Book One Coffee project, the brand images with social responsibility are confirmed in customer awareness. The Coffee tour in the City aims to spread sharing lifestyle in the society, generate enjoyment space for coffee enthusiasts and contribute to the development of domestic coffee industry.

Rhymastic x Coffeerary | Live session

The “Coffee tour in the City”, organized by Bella Nota Agency, started with a member from SpaceSpeakers Group, Rhymastic. The coffee tour appears as a Kombi in front of Sai Gon Central Post Office on 18th September.

Visitors can enjoy exciting atmosphere of a special weekend with free drinks of milk coffee, cold brew and lemon iced coffee. They can make craft coffee pouring that brings them experience as an authentic barista.

“Rhymastic with Coffeerary” is the first promoting campaign where Rhymastic demonstrates his recent EP “Love6” with single songs such as “Liu la liu lo”, “Van Yeu” and “Ngon Ngang”.

The live session contains the performance of Whee Band, generating a great enthusiasm from audiences. This public performance is a gift for Rhymastic’s fans who look forward to his comeback after years.

Contributing to EP Love6’s promoting campaign, Bella Nota offers a special Kombi with full of activities of free drinks and coffee pouring with baristas. The appearance of Rhymastic on the Coffee Tour in the City happens at Sai Gon Central Post Office so it attracts a huge number of both foreign and domestic visitors. They have unique experiences of drinking specialty coffee while enjoying his music.

Since the introduction on coffee tour, his EP Love6 has become viral and is favourited among young people. These songs and related posts have obtained a large number of interactions on social media platforms.

Thanks to cooperation with Bella Nota, the EP Love6 of Rhymastic can be widely viral on both offline and online marketing channels.

Masterise x Coffeerary | The Global City

“The Coffee tour in the City” is open at The Global City, a new entertaining destination of Ho Chi Minh City. Scheduled on every Saturday of 10th, 17th and 24th, September, the event occurs at a parallel period as a water music festival which is known as the largest one in the Southeast Asia.

Visitors can experience the techniques of craft coffee pouring on a Kombi and taste free drinks of Son La cold brew and peach tea. Coffee enthusiasts can enjoy special coffee experiences under vibrant atmosphere of EDM party and top singers’ performances.

The Global City, invested and developed by Masterise Homes, positions as the new downtown of Ho Chi Minh City and the urban area symbolizing for the Southeast Asia. It brings comfortable and modern living space that qualifies international standards.

“The Fountain Festival” is a series of events performing water music inside The Global City and has entertaining benefits to inhabitants in surrounding areas.

With the appearance of “Coffee Tour in the City” at the Fountain Festival, Bella Nota Agency entirely runs the coffee tour with free drinks and craft pouring experiences, which creates attention to coffee enthusiasts and thus approaches more visitors here.

The collaboration of Masterise with Bella Nota through the coffee tour brings visitors unique experiences of coffee-based activities while enjoying water music performance. The coffee tour has contributed to attract visitors’ concern about the water music festival and the real estate projects of The Global City.

Oatside x Coffeerary | Coffee tour in the City

The presence of Oatside on “Coffee tour in the City”, entirely run by Bella Nota Agency, occurred from 4th December to 1st January. As usual, the event of Oatside happens on Sundays at Sai Gon Central Post Office.

Visitors on the tour can experience to pour craft coffee under baristas’ instructions and taste free drinks of Son La cold brew and Sua Gau cold brew beside the live performance. The “One Book One Coffee” encourages used books donating for children in difficult conditions. On New Year’s Day, organizers attached a mini game named “Cat’s searching for milk” for visitors to get cute gifts such as stickers and red envelopes.

Oatside is in charge of oat milk originated from Singapore. With the “debut” of Oatside on the “Coffee tour in the City”, Bella Nota has successfully introduced Oatside and got it closer to Vietnamese customers.

As the coffee tour takes place in front of Sai Gon Central Post Office, the Oatside’s coffee tour continues visitors’ journey around the city after visiting the Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral and Book Street. The appearance of Oatside on the coffee tour helps customers understand more about its product’s characteristics, varieties, tastes and ways to combine for drinks.

Bella Nota is responsible for running the whole tour including live music performance, coffee pouring experience and One Book One Coffee projects. Bella Nota’s desire is to bring memorable experiences for visitors on the coffee tour and stimulate the identity efficiency for the clients’ brand.

Through the introduction on the Coffee tour in the City, Oatside products can approach potential customers, improve its brand identity among customers and confirm itself in the milk market.

TOPICA NativeX x Coffeerary | Coffee tour in the City

The “Coffee tour in the City” with TOPICA NativeX occurs on the Sundays of 12th and 19th February.

Visitors on the coffee tour can taste signature drinks of cold brew and lemon iced coffee under the live acoustic performance. They can experience pouring technique of pour over and french press. “One Book One Coffee” project becomes an indispensable part for social responsibility support.

Participants can involve mini games through scanning QR code and check-in activities. They have chances to capture moments with special photo booths, receive valuable gifts and vouchers for scholarships and learning English with foreign teachers.

Coffee tour in the City is a new interesting event at Sai Gon Central Post Office where a large number of visitors travel and browse every day. Visitors and surrounding people are used to the appearance of Kombi on every Sunday.

Through this Kombi, Bella Nota Agency brings visitors unique experiences with live acoustic performance and specialty coffee in addition to promote branding performance for its clients. The occurrence of Topica on the coffee tour greatly creates attention from visitors, which contributes to increase Topica’s brand identity and approach to customers.

Topica NativeX is a model of online learning English for busy people that has unique compressed classes and increases the number of interactions for in-depth remembering from learners. In addition to enjoying coffee with music, visitors can involve check-in activities and mini games for gifts and English learning vouchers.

Implementing the branding campaign for Topica NativeX on the coffee tour makes it closer to customers so that they can clearly understand Topica’s superior benefits for further purchase intention or decision.

Oatside at the Cafe Show

The event of Oatside at Cafe Show Vietnam is from 13th to 15th April, 2023. It brings visitors interesting experiences of taking photos with unique background, having check-in activities for gifts, tasting free drinks of Oatside milk and coffee milk and enjoying demonstrations of Oatside milk’s unique recipes from top baristas.

Visiting Oatside booth at the café show takes participants to a special trip of exploring Oatside planet. The idea about the future green planet is conducted by Bella Nota Agency, which makes Oatside become an attractive, interesting and easily-recognized booth compared to others.

Visitors at the booth as Oatside spaceship have opportunities to understand the planet where animals are treasured and make friends with human because Oatside’s story highlights plant-based products and nutrition-provided ingredients.

With the full operation of Bella Nota at the café show, Oatside event run smoothly at the whole booth of information, check-in, tasting and exhibition area. Bella Nota is entirely in control of setting up the booth, arranging human resource for each area, preparing free drinks for visitors and inviting expert barista for performance.

It is estimated roughly 5281 visitors attending and having activities at Oatside Booth within three days of the café show.

Thanks to the cooperation with Bella Nota, Oatside’s introduction at the cafe show can increase its sales, access wholesalers, attract a great concern from businesses and customers and inspire the inspires animal-friendly lifestyle in the community.

TVC of BOHO Décor

Founded in 2015, BOHO’s duties are to generate better living experiences and upgrade investors’ business efficiency. Operating in interior construction, interior design and production, BOHO possesses full potentials of interior experts and team, factories, machinery system and workforce to satisfy such high-standard markets as Australia, Japan and the USA.

The TVC of BOHO, produced by Bella Nota Agency, is used to display at the year-end party and exhibitions to introduce the firm in a complete way. It shows the working environment of BOHO in term of management, design and producing departments.

Bella Nota is in charge of producing the TVC including conveying ideas, writing script, shooting and editing the video. It helps BOHO get closer to customers and brings a firm’s comprehensive approach from materials to final products which are the results of the whole-hearted teamwork.

Enterprises usually tackle problems of introducing themselves to partners or clients and inspiring their spirit among employees. Understanding the firms’ headache, Bella Nota offers TVC producing service that brings comprehensive description for the firm images.

[COFFEE SPECIALISTS] The talk with the farmer, Su D’Ran, Lam Dong Province

The video talks about a coffee enthusiast, Mr Huynh Van Su, who lives on D’ran town and is seen as the “leader” of the hill of 1600 metres. It demonstrates the story of his life along with his coffee farming development.

Witnessing the underestimation of his products, Mr Su decided to innovate the harvesting, drying and processing methods for higher values. His harvesting method strictly differentiates unripe and ripe beans and removes the unripe from the beginning, which creates difficulties and requires time and efforts from farmers.

He made his own way to the coffee farm with the length of 4 kilometres and the height of 1400 meters for 14 years. With the success of natural-based model at first, he plans to expand to coffee roasting and promote good coffee varieties to enrich his products and improve the farm’s quality when having enough resources.

The video about Mr Su D’ran can be a typical image representing for the people who overcome difficulties to pursue their dreams. Despite the shortage of resources, Mr Su determined to follow the path of natural-based coffee, which contributes to inspire farmers to transfer their coffee farming for higher quality.

Cooperating with Bella Nota Agency for this video, Epicure Coffee Solutions, a brand of coffee machines, can create concern from the viewers. It has successfully approached to potential customers and improved its brand identity.

[COFFEE SHARING] The talk with Actress Minh Hang

The Coffee Sharing EP.08 reveals the truth about the recent photos of the actress Minh Hang and model Ngoc Trinh in friendliness. Minh Hang, a multi-talented female artist, states the success does not come from people’s claim to be successful in the society but from the better version of themselves today compared to that of yesterday.

To a film, the actor should identify the styles of character in an imaginary picture that the actor has to draw. Minh Hang puts the working spirit and attitude on the top of priority.

She highly appreciates the collaboration with Ms Ngoc Trinh in the film “Chi Chi Em Em” rather than gets closer for the film advertisement. It is because Ms Ngoc Trinh behaves professionally and also enthusiastically desires her role, which satisfies Minh Hang’s working standards. For her, the success of a film derives not only from the abilities, efforts and even fortune but also from the smooth combination and belief in partners.

The video, produced by Bella Nota Agency, shows Minh Hang’s sharing about her working style and her viewpoints on her partners. The talk discussed about the real relationship between Ms Minh Hang and Ms Ngoc Trinh, which creates a great number of interactions on social media as it answers the doubt of audiences.