One Book One Coffee

The “One Book One Coffee” project, organized by Bella Nota Agency, is an important project collaborating with Miss Peace Vietnam 2022, Tran Thi Ban Mai. It accompanies in the events of the Coffee Tour in the City and Coffeerary Exhibition.

One Book One Coffee is the unique project which is operated by Bella Nota and attracts a huge concern from people, even from children. Participants who wish to donate used books can attend at the places of occurring events and particular addresses.

The project targets to raised fund and old books which are used to help children and teenagers in remote areas. It aims to inspire the sharing lifestyle in the community, utilize the books which are used once and stimulate the spirit of reading books among young people.

The brands which cooperate with Bella Nota Agency in different events can attach the donating activities of One Book One Coffee to the schedules. It not only contributes to the social values but also brings corporation benefits. They can build reliable images in customer’s mind and strongly confirms in the market.